Oy Lokia Ltd

Our management team, as well as our staff and owners combine experience building several datacenters over several decades. We also have work experience at wired and wireless operators, hosting providers, telecenter services and Internet Exchange Points, among others.

Anssi Toivo has been fascinated with computers and computing from a very early age. His first direct experience of a proper computer center took place over quarter century ago, while working as a system manager in a university computer center. While subsequently taking part in the Internet revolution he got himself deeply involved in implementing computer centers. He is an investor in a couple of emerging technology companies.

Jukka Jääskeläinen has worked in international Business-to-Business ICT sales, business development and network connectivity sales for more than 20 years. Jukka has also several years’ experience of entrepreneurship in data center business.

Tapani Hollmén is the Managing Director/Parter of Telva. His company provides critical power solutions for customers whose business requires uninterrupted power supply. He has also served as Coast Guard officer for some ten years before joining Telva.

Aleksi “Axu” Suhonen has been involved in developing the Finnish Internet landscape for two decades. He has helped numerous Internet Service Providers grow and improve their service resilience. He has also helped create new Internet Exchange Points in Finland.

Jouni Vaarala